Fusion Kitchens

Fusion Kitchens

Since 1986Since 1986

Affordable contemporary design

We are thrilled to introduce our new Fusion Kitchens range, which offers a modern look and feel with clean and elegant lines, brought together through contemporary styles and materials to create truly stunning end results. Built in Germany to our exacting specifications, our Fusion Kitchens range is very high quality and also eminently affordable.

Individually made to suit your exact requirements

With over three decades of experience behind us, we know that every one of our customers has their own unique set of requirements when it comes to their perfect kitchen. That’s why every Fusion Kitchen is individually built, with our expert designers working closely with you to ensure that both your aesthetic and functional requirements are all fully taken into account.


The following kitchens are there to help you with the initial part of this process, with colours and designs to inspire and practical solutions to ensure the best possible use of your available space.

LASER 414 Volcanic grey LASER 415 Sand LASER 416 White LASER 417 Satin grey LASER 418 Ivory matt LASER 427 Alpine white LASER 461 Taupe grey LASER 463 Black concrete reproduction RIVA 839 Concrete Terra grey reproduction RIVA 840 Walnut reproduction RIVA 842 Concrete Sand reproduction RIVA 843 Bergamo oak reproduction RIVA 889 Concrete Slate Grey reproduction RIVA 891 White Concrete reproduction RIVA 892 Concrete grey reproduction RIVA 893 Sanremo oak reproduction FLASH 450 White high gloss FLASH 452 Ivory high gloss FLASH 453 Slate grey high gloss FLASH 455 Satin grey high gloss FLASH 503 Alpine white high gloss SENSO 488 Premium honed white SENSO 490 Premium honed alpine white SENSO 491 Premium honed slate grey SENSO 492 Premium honed coral SENSO 494 Premium honed jade STRUCTURA 402 Havana oak reproduction Details STRUCTURA 403 Nero oak reproduction STRUCTURA 405 Sierra oak reproduction TOUCH 332 Alpine white supermatt TOUCH 334 Slate grey supermatt TOUCH 336 Ivory supermatt TOUCH 337 Aqua supermatt TOUCH 338 Satin grey supermatt TOUCH 340 Black supermatt TOUCH 341 Stone grey supermatt EASYTOUCH 961 Graphite black ultra matt EASYTOUCH 963 Rust red ultra matt EASYTOUCH 964 Mineral green ultra matt EASYTOUCH 966 Fjord blue ultra matt EASYTOUCH 967 Alpine white ultra matt EASYTOUCH 968 White ultramatt EASYTOUCH 969 Sand ultra matt EASYTOUCH 970 Taupe grey ultramatt FASHION 165 Honed stone grey FASHION 168 Alpine white matt FASHION 171 Satin grey matt FASHION 173 Honed white FASHION 175 Honed ivory FOCUS 460 White ultra high gloss FOCUS 467 Sand ultra high gloss FOCUS 470 Alpine white ultra high gloss INOX 216 Brushed steel reproduction NATURA 744 Oak Montreal reproduction STONEART 303 Grey slate reproduction STONEART 304 Stone grey slate reproduction STONEART 305 Taupe grey basalt reproduction INLINE 551 Honed alpine white NOVALUX 512 White high gloss NOVALUX 516 Alpine white high gloss NOVALUX 519 Satin grey high gloss CASCADA 772 Stone grey CASCADA 774 White CASCADA 776 Reed green CASCADA 778 Fjord blue NORDIC 782 Honed white NORDIC 786 Slate grey matt SYLT 847 Honed alpine white SYLT 849 Honed ivory SYLT 851 Honed black CASTELLO 390 Washed ivory CHALET 881 Honed sand CHALET 883 Honed ivory PURA 834 White high gloss YORK 901 Lacquered satin grey ARTIS 937 Titanio matt ARTIS 938 Alpine white matt
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