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Some of our recent customer projects

Caledonia classic Cashmere and Arlington Oak
Caledonia Classic Carrick Ash Painted Inchyra Blue and Sulking Room Pink
Caledonia Classic Handle-less Tiree Painted Cashmere, Mey Blue and Murky Water
Caledonia Classic Perfect Matt Graphite
Caledonia Classic Cashmere
Caledonia Classic Deveron Light Oak
Caledonia Handle-less Smooth Painted Chamfered <br>Northern Lights and Woodgrain
Caledonia Handle-less Acrylic Alpine Glass
Caledonia Classic Lykke Porecelain.
Caledonia Classic Lykke Porcelain
Caledonia Classic Lykke Reed Green
Fusion, Flash Slate Grey and Riva Walnut
Caledonia Classic Gairich Painted Chalk Cliffs

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For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in design. No idea where it came from, as there’s certainly no family influence – everyone else is a teacher! From an early age, though, I would dream up new layouts for the bedroom I shared with my sister. We’d work together to put my plans into action, but soon enough I’d be dreaming up an even better layout and the whole process would begin again.

With so much practice from an early age, it’s no surprise that I wanted to take things further, and I went on to continue my passion by studying Interior and Spatial Design at university. That soon led to a career in the industry, and it’s hard to believe I’ve been working in my dream job for nearly a decade.

I couldn’t be happier than where I am now, working with my team to generate new ideas and create something beautiful and unique for each of our customers.

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Maria Zabihifard

A qualified architectural designer with a Masters in design from Napier University. With more than ten years of design experience, I have learnt to understand what my clients are uniquely looking for, in order to inject key aspects of their personality and stories into the design.
My overall design philosophy is: Interior design is a combination of Art, science and psychology. I was inspired by Lisa Slayman, who said:’’ Interior designers are problem solvers who must be able to develop a design that fits the client’s criteria and budgets.’’
As a designer, I love the fact that Ashley Ann has a wide range of furniture and suppliers which could suite any style, design brief and budget, therefore the design journey for our clients is not limited, and together we can be as imaginative and creative as possible.