Ashley Ann Edinburgh

Once inside the showroom, you’ll find all our main ranges of kitchens and fitted bedrooms displayed, with the kitchens in both ultra-modern designs and the very traditional.


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Ashley Ann Edinburgh


8 Bankhead Crossway North
EH11 4DT

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Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm.
Sat: 10am-4pm.
Sun: Closed

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T:0131 661 1630
F: 0131 661 1757

Customer Reviews

Meet the team

  • Beth

    About me I am the Showroom Manager of the Ashley Ann Edinburgh Branch. My passion is providing high-quality designs and customer service and I strive to provide each customer with a unique and personal design.
    Having a Bachelor (with Honours) degree in Interior and Spatial design has given me the skills to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional.

    Having studied and worked in the industry for 9 years I have strong experience taking projects from concept to finishing touches. Ashley Ann is the perfect fit for me as it allows me to be involved throughout the whole process and ensure all my clients are delighted with the finished product.
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  • Rachael

    About me My background is designing and working with Germans kitchens, however, I love that Ashley Ann offers bespoke rigid build furniture to the same high standards as Germany, but right here in Scotland. I love the wide range of products available at Ashley Ann with a huge selection of colours, finishes and sizes along with the extensive list of other suppliers we work closely with.

    I thrive on giving the best customer experience by working closely with every customer to help them achieve their end goal and meet expectations.
  • Maria

    About me A qualified architectural designer with a Masters in design from Napier University. With more than ten years of design experience, I have learnt to understand what my clients are uniquely looking for, in order to inject key aspects of their personality and stories into the design.
    My overall design philosophy is: Interior design is a combination of Art, science and psychology. I was inspired by Lisa Slayman, who said:’’ Interior designers are problem solvers who must be able to develop a design that fits the client’s criteria and budgets.’’
    As a designer, I love the fact that Ashley Ann has a wide range of furniture and suppliers which could suite any style, design brief and budget, therefore the design journey for our clients is not limited, and together we can be as imaginative and creative as possible.
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