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Some of our recent customer projects

Caledonia Classic Perfect Matt Verde
Caledonia Classic Syre Painted Cashmere
Caledonia Classic Perfect Matt Alpine
Caledonia  Morar Smooth Painted Light Grey & Mey Blue
Caledonia Durness Cliffs / Light Grey
Caledonia Durness Cliffs & Light Grey
Fusion Mirror Gloss Light Grey & Concrete
Caledonia Mirror Gloss White
Fusion Mirror Gloss Stone & Cascina Pine
Fusion Cashmere Mirror Gloss
Fusion Linear Metallic Champagne Gloss / Quartz
Fusion Egger Wood Effect
Fusion Linear Textured White Wave / Grey Amalvi Marble
Fusion Linear Cordelia White Gloss & Metallic Anthracite
Fusion Linear Kitchen, Aberdeen

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Meet the team


Growing up in Caithness I’ve always been intrigued by the many wonderful but run down buildings scattered around the countryside, and used to dream about how I could make them into something beautiful and new. I’ve always been very creative, and from building my first playhouse with my mum and dad to helping them on various renovation projects, I came to love interior design work.

I moved to Edinburgh at 18 to pursue my dream and qualified in 2003 as an Interior, Architectural and Spatial Designer. After nine years working in the industry I relocated and joined Ashley Ann.

Even my leisure time these days is taken up with design, as my partner and I share the same drive and joy in hands-on work. When we’re not spending our time decorating, landscaping or building something, our new baby boy keeps us busy.

Life can get a bit hectic sometimes, but I thrive on challenge and can’t imagine it being any other way.

Gemma Bertolotto

Lover of all things home and family.  I’ve taken all the knowledge and skills gained during my teaching career and used it to create family- led spaces.  Function and organisation are my favourite aspects to focus on during any design project.  As an Interior Designer, I love to look out how your newly designed room will be incorporated into the scheme of your whole home.  Working with the highly skilled team here at Ashley Ann is a dream position for any designer.  I am loving the bespoke kitchen, bedroom and bathroom choices made by every client.  The design elements here are limitless and an incredible amount of fun to select.  My days here are filled with love and enthusiasm for high end quality design.