Our expertise
in maximising your available space

Something our designers are especially good at, is making use of all the available space for your home office. We see this skill as being especially important, because we recognise that home offices are often created in relatively small rooms and spaces – so perhaps a spare bedroom or even just utilising an area below a staircase.

Your home office
in the style and finish you want

Because our home office offer is part of our Morven range, we offer a wide choice of styles, colours and finishes, and from ultra-modern to very traditional.

Only fitted furniture
for a home office
can make the most of an area

Of course there are many off-the-shelf options for office furniture for your home, but it’s obviously very unlikely that any will make the most of the space. So there’ll always be a gaps either side of free standing shelving, a desk which is too big or small for what you really need, plus an inevitable mishmash of styles. With our fitted furniture, you’ll be left with a perfect end result which not only makes the most of every inch of space available, but is also designed around you and how you want to work.

Storage solutions at the same time

Repurposing a room or space within a room for a home office may well mean reorganising storage for elsewhere. If this is the case, then we can also help with bespoke storage solutions – e.g. fitted cupboards under the stairs in a hallway.

Your safety throughout the design and installation process

We’ve put in place a wide range of measures to keep you and your family safe throughout the entire process - have a read here.

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